Dye Studio News | April 2019

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Hey there!

It’s been awhile, but the snow has finally melted and we have fast forwarded into what feels like an early summer here in southwest BC. I am currently planning a very productive year of dyeing and looking to increase the number of dyed to order events offered in 2019. There are a few changes I will be making, but most will be staying the same.

I will not be vending at Knit City this year and will miss seeing many of you there. I have spent the majority of the last seven summers preparing for my booth at the show and a change is greatly needed. I am hopeful that this decision will give me more time to pursue other projects, as well as give me more flexibility when it comes to shop updates and dyed to order events. Sweet Fiber Yarns has been and always will be an artistic pursuit for me, and I believe that the best way to grow as an artist is to give yourself the space and time to do so.

I have increased the estimated wait time for dyed to order yarns from 4 weeks to 4-6 weeks to help with efficiency and availability. My goal is to get more yarn to more people more often. I never take on more than I can dye in the given time frame, so once dyed to order items are listed as “sold out” I will not be able to add more until the next event. I am one person dyeing, drying, twisting, tagging and shipping each order and while this may seem limiting, I truly believe it is what makes my yarns special.

The first Dyed to Order Event of 2019 will take place a few days from now (be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be notified when!) This round will feature three base yarns, Super Sweet Sock ($28 CAD), Sweet Merino Lite ($28 CAD) and the highly coveted Cashmerino Worsted ($35 CAD). There will also be a limited number of Daydreamer Yarn Kits available for dyed to order as well. A preview of the colourways that will be available can be found in the Dyed to Order section of the shop. I have chosen some of the most popular Sweet Fiber colourways and will be offering extra large lots of Rose Gold and Tea Leaves this time around. Please note that the photograph represents each colourway on one base yarn (listed in the notes) and colourways will vary slightly from those pictured due to the hand dyed process and various yarns. Sweet Merino Lite is a single ply merino and tends to absorb the dye more intensely than other base yarns. Super Sweet Sock is a very soft and strong blend of merino and nylon, perfect for socks and garments! Cashmerino Worsted is a very popular yarn and often the hardest one for me to stock. It consists of an incredibly soft blend of Cashmere, Merino and Nylon.

To place a dyed to order, please select the colourway, and then select the particular base yarn you would like it dyed on from the drop down menu. The drop down menu will not appear until stock had been added to the shop. Items will also be marked as “sold out” until this time. I hope this helps answer any questions you have about the new dyed to order set up!

As always, the best way to be notified when new things are added to the shop is to sign up for the newsletter.

Thank you for reading & happy knitting!