TRAVELLER | a textured scarf design

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Traveller combines texture, colour, and warmth for the perfect wrap around you scarf. It features simple lace stitches, garter ridges, and clever colour changes that create a stunning, chevron effect. Traveller is a little extra wide, and a little extra long, it can double as a wrap or be layered for a closer, cowl-like fit. This pattern includes both written and charted instructions, along with detailed information on how to customize the size of your scarf.

With this design I wanted to create a colour repeat that appeared random in nature but still had a logical order. As a result the colours are dispersed evenly throughout for a well balanced appearance without being too repetitious. Traveller also includes detailed instruction on how to change the length and width of your scarf for the perfect fit. 

When choosing colours for your project, keep in mind how the MC will look with each of the CCs, as they will all touch at some point. I chose a light neutral for my MC and four CCs that were darker than the MC and all similar in tone. Other ideas include using a dark MC and lighter CCs, or using a high colour contrast between the MC and CCs. The possibilities are truly endless, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own combinations!

Traveller Yarn Kits are currently available for pre-order in the online shop. When in stock, our Merino Twist DK is available for dyed to order here.