Lolli Socks

Lolli Socks are a blend of candy inspired colours that create organic stripes and swirls when knit up as socks. Reminiscent of neon slouch socks and mouth watering hard candies these bright socks are sure to knock your shoes off!

While creating Lolli Socks we wanted something fun and stripey without losing the qualities that make hand dyed yarns so great. Each stripe is a little different as one colour transitions into the next and the results are stunning. Here at the Sweet Fiber Studio we've found a 64 stitch sock circumference (at a gauge of approx. 28sts/4") to work beautifully. But please feel free to experiment, there's so many possibilities!

Lolli Socks will be available in two of our favourite sock yarns:

Lolli Socks SSS (aka Super Sweet Sock) 379m/415y per 155 gram skein Lolli Socks MCN (aka Cashmerino Sock) 340m/372y per 115 gram skein

Lolli Socks are available online at the Sweet Fiber Shop.


From left to right: Wicked Sour, Lemon Lime, Pink Lemonade, Sour Watermelon & Hard Candy